Winton Race Preview

Picture a tight, twisty and (sometimes) unbearably cold race track in the middle of nowhere (for the city slickers up here) and you have stop six in the Supercars calendar, Winton.

A 3km track which reaches a max speed of 225km/hr – it’s not the most glamorous race meeting but for Craig, it’s a track that brings back plenty of good memories.

A young Lowndesy took to the Winton race track in his junior years and it was here that the passion for motor racing began.

“It’s the first club race track I drove on when I got into car racing itself,” Lowndesy said.

“The track has great memories for me so hopefully this weekend there will be another one.”

A track that saw Craig throughout his youth will also see him through his 650th career race this weekend, a current Supercars record – not something to be taken lightly considering that takes approximately 20 years to notch up.

And although the track brings with it some familiarity for Craig, it will be no easy feat, for it proves to be one of the tightest, technical and most slow races in the Supercars calendar.

“Winton is a tight track, it’s difficult to pass and so qualifying is very important – you need to be close to the front,” Lowndesy continued.

“Strategy plays a big part in the outcome of these races, it’ll be a tough weekend no doubt.”

Coming off the back of a big weekend in Perth, with two podiums under his belt this year, Lowndesy is keen for the team to continue the momentum while they can.

“We’re still developing our set-up in the Autobarn Lowndes Racing garage and I think it’s worked really well in the last couple of meetings,” reflected Lowndesy.

“So, we go in to Winton with a lot of confidence and are aiming to keep this momentum going and forging our way to the front.”

Lowndesy and the crew will take to the track on Friday for practice sessions before racing on Saturday and Sunday.