Lowndesy’s Look: Gold Coast 600 Friday

Friday Wrap

As fast as it came, we’re wrapping up the 2018 enduro season and that all started today with the three practice sessions to open the Gold Coast 600. While the Autobarn Lowndes Racing Commodore wasn’t mind-blowingly quick out of the box, we’re confident that we’ve got a solid base to build upon overnight ahead of tomorrow’s qualifying session to make it through to the all-important Top 10 Shootout, a new addition for Saturday’s action.

Practice 1, Craig Lowndes: 10th (Fastest Lap: 1:11.4351)
Practice 2, Steven Richards: Fifth (Fastest Lap: 1:11.7097)
Practice 3, Craig Lowndes: Fifth (Fastest Lap: 1:10.6396)

Craig Lowndes

“The car’s been great from the outset. We had a good first practice session, worked on the car and tried to get a direction on what we wanted to do with it. We’ve worked towards making the car ride the kerbs nicely, be stable under brakes and put its power down, which in practice three I think we really got a good indication that we’re heading in the right direction. We put better tyres on at the end and popped up fifth, which was great. We’ve got a little bit of work to do, but at the moment the car’s strong, I’m confident and happy with where we’re at, at this stage. We just need to find a little bit more to make sure we’re in the top 10 for tomorrow’s shootout.”

Steven Richards

“My session went well, nothing negative to report. From the co-driver’s perspective, it’s a bit harder at this event because there’s not as much practice time, but the car felt good. It probably took until the last run to get my confidence and feeling up. I was looking for a little bit of rear exit drive and that’s always important, particularly on the super soft tyre, for tyre life. It looks like we made that a little bit better for the third session, but you could still always do with a little bit more. Top 10 pace in pretty well every session, that’s great.”


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