A record to close out

Queensland Raceway, our official home track, is a place we know all too well in our endless pursuit of shaving off the next tenth of a second.

A track too familiar to Lowndesy, we could go as far as saying he could drive it with his eyes closed.

This year will mark the 20th and final year Lowndesy has competed in the Supercars Championship calendar event in Ipswich.

The legend is the ‘QR King’ with the most race wins, twelve, than anyone and the record for most podiums – 22 from a possible 34. Impressive, isn’t it?

“In the past, it’s a place where we’ve had many great performances and our knowledge of the track will help us,” said Lowndesy.

“However, each year teams come up from the south and they always perform well and give us a run for their money, so it will still be a tough weekend.”

Craig Lowndes performs during the fifth stop of the Supercars Championship in Perth, Western Australia, on May 4th, 2018.

At just over three kilometres and with six corners, it’s a simple track at face value, however, when you get down to the nitty gritty of it, it’s one of the trickiest in terms of car setup.

“People often underestimate how technical the circuit is. Being our test track, we appreciate and understand the technicalities and the huge challenge it puts up on a race weekend,” Lowndesy continued.

“There are obviously only six corners but four of them turn right and two turn left so that throws up a lot of challenges in car setup.

“With the limited number of corners, you need to ensure that you extract everything out of the car and make every corner count.”

2018 Supercars Championship Round 7. Darwin Triple Crown, Hidden Valley Raceway, Hidden Valley, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. Friday 15th June to Sunday 17th June 2018. World Copyright: Daniel Kalisz Photographer Ref: Digital Image 2018VASCR7_DKIMG_0212.NEF

Following announcement of his retirement from full-time driving in Townsville two weeks ago, this year’s Ipswich SuperSprint will be his last ‘home’ race, something Craig is keen to make the most of.

“Knowing that it is my last race as a full-time driver at our home track will no doubt be an emotional weekend come Sunday evening,” said Lowndesy.

“We just need to ensure we can go out on a high with a podium and celebrate it for what it is.”

A podium, a win or nothing at all, it’s bound to be a memorable one at that.